We’ll come across on Skype or coffee table or bar depending upon your convenience and how rich you are.

We’ll discuss and give you a nice idea about your app, it’s implementation, look, feel etc. and our penny guy would contact you soon.

If you like our nonsensical bullshit and want to go ahead, we’ll put a beer or coffee. Skype support video cheers, and it’s fun.

If not, we won’t charge you anything but you need to pay for our beer, as coffee won’t suite such situations.

brand, requirements, creativity, technology, art, crafts, alcohol capacity, music, dance...

Today brands are build by action, not words and you know what we do

We see it as our responsibility to keep the web moving forward.

From concept to features to copy to art to design to coding to testing to deployment. Then we sleep for a day and get ready to take your next project.

3 Developers, 2 Designers, and one person counting pennies.

We’d love to add value, consider us as partners and lets get started.

App Development

We design app for Web, iOS and Android.

We make money only when you make money.

We do more
Call of Duty.

This is the only day we remember when the tea was prepared by our engineer and it didn't spill.


We help brands deliver online experiences that their customers love.

Interface Design

We make intuitive interfaces for devices big and small, we deal with all.

Got the next big idea?

We work with startups and established companies to plan, design and build digital products.

We move fast - working in short instinctive sprints, validating our decisions along the way. We are the people who run with bicycle but won’t board it because of time contraints. We are too busy working on your idea.

We just don't write "Save paper" at the end of e-mails, we pursue that responsibility and use sticky notes, seriously.

This is how we welcome our client on Skype call, and then we end up fighting on who will continue to discuss business.


Giving another heart to your concept is to get an animated video for it. We do it right from understanding to conceptualizing to story-boarding to video making to deploying at right channels. And then we go buy a drink.

This is how we could initiate a Skype call giving you nightmares if you ever think of negotiating on our quotations. We respect your time and money and we'll reasonably take both, again depends on how rich you are.

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Banjara Hills Rd No. 10, Hyderabad, 30 Km from the Airport for a human being. A stone's throw away from Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital, which fortunately no one had tried yet.